When you’re planning your wedding, you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. It’s your big day, and you should have little-to-no stress to deal with. The more planning you do, the sooner you can get everything done and ready to go. So what are some tips for planning your wedding?

First, consider the location of your wedding. If you’re having the event indoors, look for a place you connect with that is beautiful and can also accommodate all your guests. I think it is a good idea to have the event indoors. However, if you’re having your wedding outdoors, you’re also going to have to find a setting that makes you happy, whether it’s at a ranch, in a grassy field, or on a mountain.

Weather is going to be a factor if you’re having your wedding outdoors. Temperatures typically range from 16 and 47 degrees during winter months and 56 and 88 during the summer. As far as precipitation, May tends to be the wettest month. Always take precautions when it comes to weather and your wedding, such as having a tent on hand just in case.

Your gown is obviously one of the most important aspects of your wedding, but it’s even more so if you have it outside. The higher the elevation, the colder it can be, so regardless of the time of year, you may also want to plan for a jacket or cape to go with your dress.

Shoes are also an important factor when planning your wedding. Why are they so important? If your wedding is outdoors and you’re on rocky terrain, you want to make sure you can balance it on whatever shoes you’re wearing. When I planned my wedding, this was a consideration.

Should you have your wedding indoors, you can check out the lighting whenever you please. However, if you’re having the ceremony outdoors, always check out light at the exact time you want to get married. Keep in mind that having your wedding mid-day may pose some problems, specifically blinding the sun and harsh shadows. Around sunset is a beautiful time to consider.

Whether you’re having your wedding indoors or out, always plan accordingly for the most beautiful backdrop. Should you have it outdoors, opt for capturing the beautiful mountains in the background. It will make for some stunning pictures.

When you’re planning your wedding, hope for the best and plan for the worst, especially if you have it outdoors. Don’t drive yourself crazy with prepping and planning, just have a plan B for each part of your wedding whether it’s the weather or the shoes. It’ll help you feel more calm and peaceful beforehand as well as on the big day

Perfect wedding day tips and advice

The primary goal of a Wedding day is to celebrate the love between you and the person you are about to marry. However, there are other targets including throwing one serious epic party that your guest will talk about for many years to come. The two goals mean that your big day has to stand out. But how do you achieve this? The following are tips and advice that will help you have the perfect wedding.


Planning is one of the most important factors that determines the success or failure of a wedding. After engagement, most brides rush and start putting down deposit without having necessary information of what goes into planning a memorable day. It is advisable to let sink in and wait for a few weeks or months before they start planning.

While planning it is imperative to envision the kind of wedding you want, whether it is beach, outdoor or cocktail. From here you can choose colors and the rest of the details, e.g., flowers. Ensure that you plan according to your budget. Create a want and a need list and make sure the needs are catered for first before the wants.

Personalize your wedding

Most couples try to impress their guest by having wedding that are geared to that purpose instead of personalizing the ceremony according to their likes and dreams. It is important that when brides are offered suggestions that they are not keen on, they should politely respond by saying that ??that’s an interesting idea’ and go ahead with what they really what to do. The wedding program should be personalized with interesting details about you and your groom.

Keep the ceremony and speeches brief

Your invited family and friends want to see you get married and not to watch a drawn out ceremony. The actual proceeding should be around 20 minutes to avoid losing attention. Speeches should not drag for too long. You can have a bandleader or DJ prepared to make tasteful cut-off.

Greet each guest

It is important to welcome each and every guest personally at your wedding. You can spend time with each person – chatting over a cocktail, letting loose on the dance floor or visiting their table at dinner.