You spend days picking the best of the best for your wedding. The dress has to be just right, the flowers perfectly arranged, the decorations in just the right order. With all of this planning, why settle for less than stunning transportation?

A horse and carriage for weddings is the perfect mode of transportation for your big day. It is, after all, straight out of a fairy tale to have a horse drawn carriage for your wedding day. A wedding carriage hire is gaining in popularity in the United Kingdom with a reported increase of companies popping up inline to meet the demand.

While the horse and carriage adds elegance to your wedding, it also typically costs less than a limousine. It is stylish, elegant, and something that will make your wedding unforgettable to your guests. There are many ways to personalize this mode of transportation.

Some places have many horses from which to make your selection. You can go with a single horse or a few. It’s a good idea to see the horse and carriage for yourself before making your final selection. It is also a good idea to take a test ride in the carriage.

There are different options available, so, like everything else for your wedding day, it’s good practice to take your time and make sure you are happy with your choice. You only get one shot at a perfect day, so you won’t want to settle with whatever is available.

Another great element of this mode of transportation is pictures. Your photographer will have the fairy tale background for the perfect wedding photos. You will relive this day for years to come. Why not have pictures that make you feel like royalty? The limousine is the every day way to leave your wedding. Make your big day into a fairy tale with a horse and carriage instead. Create memories to last a lifetime.

Planning a wedding

A wedding is a wonderful celebration when a man and a woman get married. Weddings require alot of planning and there is so much to consider. You want it to be everything you want and be a fun experience for your family and friends. Color choice is a big factor. Almost everything is based around this. You may choose colors that match the flowers you picked out. You don’t want too many different colors going on. Two or three should be plenty. It might be easiest to have the bridesmaids all wear the same color and the dresses to be the same style. Although real flowers are nicer than silk flowers, they are more expensive.

Silk flowers can look nice too. You also need to choose a venue. Do you want the ceremony in a church or outdoors? Should you have the reception at the same place as the ceremony? You do need to have a backup plan in case it rains. This applies if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Not only does the ceremony require much planning, but the reception does too. You can choose if you would like a DJ or a band and what kind of food to serve. Picking popular song choices shouldn’t be too hard if you do some research first. Of course, you don’t even need to have music at the reception if you are not interested in that.

For the food it would be best to get something common like chicken or steak. Some people offer a few different choices in case someone has allergies or is a vegetarian. Don’t forget about the cake! Cupcakes are popular now too. It really just depends on what you like. After it is all over, you will leave in a limousine, horse and carriage or your own vehicle. Everyone likes to do different things. There is much to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. Just make it fun and do what you think will be nice.